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Seeing Silence Speaks – Limited Edition

Seeing Silence Speaks

Ease – Limited Edition


Adam Tan, the winner of the very prestigious photography award from National Geographic Magazine, is Malaysia’s first photographer to be conferred such honor. He won First Place in “Places” category in 2013 with his entry, “ Long Road to Daybreak”. The photo possess an ethereal beauty with deep symbolism and perfect visual composition. It was accepted into the coveted collection of the National Library of France.

Adam’s works cover a wide range of themes and categories. Besides his highly publicized work in “People/ Places”, he excels in “Nature / Landscape“, “Portraiture“, “Black & White” and “Abstract”. Among these, his most beloved specialty is “Minimalism”.

Minimalism Photography 

The distilled, condensed quality of this art form, stripped off the nonessential brings to focus a beauty that’s mysterious, abstract, contemplative and otherworldly. 

Adam’s minimalist landscape works exude ease and tranquility. With a deceptively simple composition, it expresses the serene, the meditative, the magnificent and even the sensual. The subject matter takes on its pure form, inviting the audience to join in the journey and make personal connections and interpretations. This comes close to the concept of “Emptiness”, where the absence of concrete ideas gives rise to endless possibilities.

In his photography, Adam brings forth a whole new dimension of aesthetic and evokes in us a reverence for the natural and man-made world. He endeavors to capture the mystic aesthetic of what he sees with his eye, feels with his heart and thinks with his mind.

The most distinctive of his talents is his ability to capture beauty in simple geometry in the most ordinary of settings . The heart is moved by the stillness amidst the turbulent ocean, the peace in hassled faces and the poise of balance in natural shapes and forms.

Adam is passionately in love with photography and remains adamant in imparting this passion to his students after 12 years of teaching. He sets up classes, workshops and sharing fellowship and lead photography trips with this fervor to teach this art to his students. Many of his students had earned awards and recognition from all over the world.

Adam believes the art of photography goes beyond technique and equipment. It arises from the heart and it touches the soul, it awakens senses and recognizes beauty. And photographers must come to grip that they are artists, with a high calling for this art, a love in creating and a zeal to elevate their artistic level with imagination. Photography shall be our best companion in our quest to see people and the world anew with its manifold beauty.

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